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So. We’re officially here . . .

Friday, March 28th, 2008

In the blogosphere . .. on the internets . . . Finally.

I struggled with what would be the first official post. It should be a doozie after all this time, right? Grand in nature. Broad in scope. So, I struggled. How would we start our company blog? I struggled some more. And then I realized it’s just like walking into a room full of people you’ve never met . . . we’ll introduce ourselves to you. It seems like the polite thing to do, right?

First the company. We are Cuneo Creative . . . a family business, father and son, and a small agile staff that helps businesses be more successful. At the heart of our philosophy is “It’s Not Creative Unless It Sells!”

The team . . . Al Cuneo is president and creative director of Cuneo Creative Consultants, a Tallahassee-based creative design and marketing consultancy. With more than 35 years experience in the graphic design industry, he has held many executive-level positions including art director, creative director, account supervisor and partner on the agency as well as client-side. He is also past president of the Tallahassee Advertising Federation and has a passion for graphic design education.

In 2004, his son George Cuneo became partner in the business and is responsible for Cuneo Creative Consultants’ entree into the interactive side of the business. Since then, George has created the on-line presence for over 50 businesses, with sites enjoying as many as 900,000 hits and 15,000+ unique visitors a month. The Cuneo team brings their experience and creative ingenuity, providing clients with innovative graphics, sales ideas and practical solutions to be utilized in the overall marketing effort.

Look around our website and you’ll get the gist of what the company does. Enough ‘corporate babble’.

We’ll also talk about people we meet along the way who are amazing, people who are doing good things, people who are passionate about the same things we are passionate about. People we bond with every day – and some folks we just hear about but that we want to talk about. And, just to see if you are paying attention, every once in awhile we may toss in something from left field.

There will be no shortage of opinion in this blog. Sometimes you may agree with us, sometimes not. We want to hear from you. Anytime and all the time. We can’t wait for the conversations to start!

So, there you have it. Our little introduction to the blogosphere. If you have questions or comments, please ask. We’re listening.